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What is Healthy Keto?

February 26, 2019 BY Justin Patterson

There are a lot of diet trends swirling around the wellness space these days.  At Unbun Keto Foods, we recognize the shift in consciousness towards the food we are consuming and that dietary choices are changing. We are committed to creating products that satisfy not just one, but several of these needs.  As you know, our product line accommodates keto, plant-based, paleo, gluten-free, and grain-free, however we are passionate about providing a healthy, nutrient-dense, and delicious product that is enjoyed by everyone.

We’d like to shed light upon the high of the keto diet.  At their foundation, all of the aforementioned diets, boast a path to better health and a happier life.  There is no argument on our end that the food we eat impacts our mood, energy, longevity, and overall success.

But by creating a rule set, there is a way to hack these rules. There is always a dirty side to your healthy diet.  We see a lot of this rule-bending occuring in the growing keto world.

Firstly, we’d like to address the elephant in the room that it is irresponsible to simply eat bacon, cheese, and butter on the keto diet.  Despite achieving a state of ketosis, the implications this has for other areas of your health is undeniable. The inflammatory properties, along with disruption to the gut microbiome have the potential to wreak havoc, even if you are losing the weight you desire.  We believe macros are absolutely important, but as cited in an article by Allie Flinn on Bulletproof.com, it is not a carte blanche approach.

So, here’s what we think; we are pro keto for health optimization & fat loss for those with metabolic diseases, as supported by Dr. Rhonda Patrick.  Similarly, Dr. Josh Axe encourages in his new book, Keto Diet, this diet is optimal for 30 days and then individuals should move into keto cycling.  His version is one that we can get behind: high healthy fat, moderate sustainable protein, and low carbohydrates.  This is a well-rounded plan that sets your health up for success!

The bottom line, is that just because something is keto doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.  As consumers we should be more discerning about our choices when it comes to what we are eating.  We believe the trifecta that leads to optimal health has three pillars we should focus on metabolism, inflammation, and gut microbiome.  We suggest you to do your own exploration and draw conclusions based on your own findings. We are passionate about optimizing our health and want nothing but the best for our consumers!