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New Product Launch: 8″ Keto Mini-Baguette

March 11, 2019 BY Justin Patterson

Our bun game just got longer!  We are excited to introduce our Mini Baguettes, for the fancy folk, or for the rest of us, the 8″ keto sub bun!  After months of giving the burger all the attention, we thought it was time to share the love with our relatives; cold cuts, hot dogs, and sausages.  Our meat-loving customers now have another way to enjoy the Unbun. And hey, if you prefer to eat vegetarian, these are perfect for you as well.  There are so many ways to get creative with the hoagie!

With the same formulation as our OG bun, the Mini Baguette is still keto, paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and grain-free.  There are only 3g of net carbs, 8g of protein, 10g of fibre & 14 whole almonds per serving (1/2 bun). It’s the perfect breakfast/lunch combo; half for now, half for later!