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Mr. Sub Pilots the Keto Bun at 12 Locations

March 24, 2019 BY Justin Patterson

This is what progressive action looks like!  Canadian sandwich company, Mr.SUB, has been a well-known institution for over 50 years.  While the foundation of any classic submarine sandwich is the bun, they are turning a new leaf and offering our Unbunlievably fluffy keto bun at select locations starting March 25!  Recognizing the shift in consumer desires and lifestyle habits, this move into the keto space exemplifies their forward-thinking.  This was a move long in the making, but until the Unbun came along they weren’t satisfied with the alternative breads that were available.  This makes us feel extra special!

They are featuring their Canadian Club with the Keto Bun; Crispy bacon, sliced turkey, black forest ham and your choice of sauce (all meats are antibiotic-free, also). What better marriage of our product than a stack of cured deli meats + cheese?  It’s a No-Grainer!

You can find our Keto Bun at the following locations:


  • Commerce Court Food Court, 25 King St W.
  • Scotia Plaza Food Court, 40King St W.


  • 102 King St North
  • 585 Weber St. North
  • 36 Northfield Drive


  • 48 King St. West
  • 470 Highland Rd. West
  • 600 Soon Village Rd.
  • 1500 Weber St. East


  • 479 Main St.
  • 69 Main St.
  • 500 Hespeler Rd.