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How-To: Unbun Care Instructions

May 13, 2019 BY Justin Patterson

Did you know our buns are not only gluten-free, grain-free, paleo, and keto, and plant-based, but also require a little extra TLC?  We take such pride and care in crafting our fluffy product, and as a result they’re are delicate and like to be treated well.
We want each of you to have the most enjoyable experience with Unbun. We believe that we are some of the best baked goods on the market, and so let us break down the best ways to search, store, and serve your little BUN-dles of joy!
Here are our Unbun Care Instructions for Maximum Enjoyment:
  1. If buying from a retail location, you can find us in the freezer or refrigerated department.
  2. If buying from foodservice, they will be prepared according to our instructions.
  3. They’re good in the freezer for 1 year from production date (this is the date you’ll see on the tag), once defrosted, they’re good in the fridge for 14 days.
  4. DO NOT store at ambient (20 degrees Celsius) although they’re good for 48 hours at ambient temperature from outside of the freezer.
  5. Our favourite way to prepare is lightly toasted or eat straight from the bag.