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District Venture Kitchens assumes ownership of Food Startup

November 8, 2019 BY Unbun Foods

We are happy to announce that the food startup incubator that we used in early 2017 to bake the first batches of our signature Unbun products is re-opening again.

Food Starter's operations and ownership have been taken over by District Ventures, and they've renamed it to District Ventures Kitchen.

On Nov.4th, the Unbun team attended the commercial kitchen's re-opening in North York. District Venture CEO Arlene Dickerson, Toronto mayor John Tory, and members of the private sector also partook at the event.

Toronto's mayor, John Tory, spoke to the audience at the end of the event and said "Small businesses play a large role in the success of our city, so it is crucial that we find ways to ensure that they thrive and are able to grow," said Mayor John Tory. "The food industry is one of the many growing sectors in Toronto that has tremendous potential. I am pleased that District Ventures, an organization with a strong track record, will be extending their services and expertise to entrepreneurs and companies residing in our great city."

Unbun founder, Gus Klemos, was at the event passing out samples of our signature bread, and chatting with fellow food entrepreneurs. Here is what Gus had to say regarding the launch of the District Ventures Kitchens: "I am thrilled to see this place being open again. Unbun Foods would not be where it is today if it wasn't for this place. A big thank you to Arlene Dickinson and her team for making this happen."

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