At Unbun, food quality and safety are paramount.

DISCLAIMER FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH AN EGG ALLERGY:  Following a test, 0.00098 g of egg protein per 70g (two tortillas) was found in three lots (2400
units) of our Untortillas product. We are taking this situation very seriously. This situation is
limited to three lots of Untortillas which may contain undeclared egg. There have been no health
reports associated with this product. People with an allergy to egg should not consume
Untortillas from the affected lots.

As soon as we became aware of this situation, we contacted our retail partners and any product
in store was pulled from shelves and destroyed on Friday, February 19.

We are working in collaboration with the CFIA and our retail partners and have launched a full
investigation to ensure this can never happen again. Any Canadians who have recently
purchased Untortillas and have questions can contact our customer care team at
[email protected]

You can check if your Untortillas product is part of this recall by looking at the back of the
product packaging for the lot codes listed below:

LOT CODE: 20308-02
BEST BY NOV: 03 2021

LOT CODE: 20310-02
BEST BY NOV: 05 2021

LOT CODE: 20316-02
BEST BY NOV: 11 2021