With Unbun Crusts, any night can be pizza night. Grain-free and Keto-certified these deliciously crispy crusts are crafted with the highest-quality ingredients to give them a taste like no other. Never sacrifice for a slice again.

Water, Blanched almond flour, Pumpkin seed protein, Coconut flour, Psyllium seed husk, Extra virgin olive oil, Coconut milk (coconut, water), Ground chia, Ground flax, Garlic powder, Apple cider vinegar, Nutritional yeast, Baking soda, Cream of tartar, Basil, Sea salt. Contains: Almonds, Coconut.

Important: If you are purchasing the Uncrust in US restaurants or Pizza Pizza in Canada the product is tree-nut free – please see the product specifications here.

A larger version of the Uncrust is sold in food service in Canada and is 200g/Food Service Uncrust vs. the 100g/Uncrust for our retail product.  The nutritional label for is accurate for the larger food service crust per 50g portion.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.