Can I buy Unbun products online?2021-12-15T20:03:32+00:00

We currently only ship online orders within the United States. We’ll start shipping to Canada in early 2022. Internationally? We hope to get there someday!

Are Unbun products Gluten-Free?2021-12-15T19:52:04+00:00

Yes, all of our products are Certified Gluten-Free.

Are Unbun products Vegan?2021-12-15T19:51:17+00:00

We currently offer three vegan products:

⁠Where can I find a list of ingredients and nutritional information?2021-12-15T19:54:06+00:00
What is the best way to toast Unbun Buns, Bread & Baguettes?2021-12-15T18:42:10+00:00

The best toasting method depends on personal taste, but here are a few suggestions:

Regular Toaster: That’s the easiest method. We recommend putting it down twice on a darker setting because our bread takes a little longer to toast.

Oven: Preheat oven to 450F. Place Buns/Bread/Baguette on a baking sheet and bake for 1-3min.

Pan: Toast it on a frying pan with butter or mayo!

How do I get a crispy Pizza Crust?2021-12-15T17:58:24+00:00

Our Pizza Crusts can be cooked directly from frozen. To get them nice and crispy, bake untopped from frozen at 425F for 10-15min. Add your favourite toppings. Then, bake it again for an additional 5-10min.

What is the best way to heat up the Tortillas?2021-12-15T18:33:46+00:00

Our Tortillas can be consumed as they are but if you enjoy a little crunch we recommend warming a skillet over medium heat (no oil needed) and heating each tortilla for 1-3min on each side. Set each tortilla aside once heated through, then serve immediately!

Are Unbun products Keto?2021-12-15T19:18:20+00:00

Yes, all of our products are Keto-Certified. They’re also Grain-Free, Gluten-Free & Paleo-Certified.

Can I freeze/refreeze Unbun products?2021-12-15T17:25:17+00:00

Yes, you can! We actually recommend you freeze/refreeze products if not planning to consume them within two weeks. If planning to consume them soon, you can store products in the fridge.

What is the best way to thaw Unbun products?2021-12-15T17:59:16+00:00

The best way to thaw our products is to leave them in the fridge overnight or let them rest on the countertop until thawed (1-2 hours). Once thawed, products can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Our topped Pizzas & Pizza Crusts can be cooked right from frozen, directly on the rack.

What is the shelf life for Unbun products?2021-12-15T17:23:12+00:00

Our products are 100% preservative-free, so they’re best kept refrigerated or frozen. In the fridge, products will keep for up to 2 weeks. For longer shelf life, store products in the fridge and take them out as needed.

How should I store Unbun products?2021-12-15T17:25:41+00:00

Our products are 100% preservative-free, so they’re best kept refrigerated or frozen. In the fridge, products will be good for 10-12 days. In the freezer, for up to eight months. The Pizzas & Pizza Crust should be stored in the freezer.

Where can I buy Unbun products?2021-12-15T19:54:44+00:00

To find stores selling our products near your zip code, visit our Find in Stores page or click here. Type in your zip code on the search bar and hit Find!

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