Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day


Check out the below delicious and nutritious guilt-free grilled cheese sandwich recipes in honour of Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! Stacked and Stuffed with a Touch of Sweet by @drtarasunshine Ingredients: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Unbun keto bread (grain-free, high fibre, high protein) Chosen Foods avocado mayo (or butter or ghee) [...]

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Valentine’s Day Dessert Pizza


TREATza Pizza yourself or your loved ones today with this beautiful and delicious Keto-fied dessert pizza made with our Uncrust by @sugarfreebrie. All the flavours you love and only 5g net carbs per serving! ⁠ Ingredients:⁠ 1 Unbun Pizza Crust⁠ 80g No Sugar Added Chocolate ⁠ [...]

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Bacon & Scallion Pesto Flatbread


BACON your NYE plans extra special with this Unbelievably tasty Bacon & Scallion Pesto Flatbread. For National Bacon Day, this grain-free, Keto-friendly bacon-licious dish is THE PARTY (in your mouth ) YOU NEED this New Years Eve! ⁠ Ingredients for Scallion Pesto:⁠ 6 scallions, thinly sliced⁠ [...]

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Chili & Cheesy Garlic Bread


This classic Chilli and Cheesy Garlic Bread recipe made with our Unbaguette is the perfect antidote to those end-of-weekend blues. With 8g of net carbs and 15 g of protein, the Unbaguette makes for a nutrient dense, crave-crushing side-sick to any main.⁠ ⁠ Ingredients:⁠ 1 tbsp [...]

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Jalapeño Pepper Pinwheels


Trust us, you’ll want these spicy snacks jalapeño your kitchen! A simple and oh-so-satisfying appetizer, these Jalapeño Pepper Pinwheels are sure to spice up your snack game. Ingredients 1 pack Untortillas 1 container cream cheese 6 pieces cooked bacon, chopped 1 green onion, chopped 1 jalapeño [...]

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The highly anticipated Untortilla has launched! Now that’s oughta give you something to taco ‘bout!


We have teased you for far too long, but hey, distance makes the heart grow fonder…right? Unbun Foods roster of Unproducts keeps on growing, and we are excited for you to try our new Untortillas. Untortillas are plant-based, keto-friendly, paleo & gluten-free, and just like our [...]

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A burger shakeup to brighten your day


Truthfully, here at Unbun, we never get tired of burgers on our buns.  Can you blame us?  We love the classics equally as much as we love exciting new takes like this delicious Falafel Burger, brought to us by Jaclyn Irwin, creator of the blog Holistic Foodie.  [...]

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